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The InSight Imaging Team!

Dr. Lynn Madanay

The InSight Experience:

  • Improved detectability of small lesions.  The fully digital scanner is capable of detecting smaller lesions when compared to any other type of analog scanner technologies used at other local clinics and hospitals.  Smaller lesion visualization means earlier detection of possible abnormalities.

  • Reduced radiation exposure.  With our iDose platform, radiation exposure is optimized and reduced to the lowest industry standard levels available, while still optimizing image quality.

  • Faster scan times.  Experience drastically faster scan times, up to 90% faster!  Our PET/CT exam times have been reduced from 45-minutes down to less than 10-minutes. 

InSight Imaging offers unparalleled access to the most advanced diagnostic imaging services in Hawaii.  Our offering includes the most advanced PET/CT scanning technology along with diagnostic CT and Ultrasound services.

We are Hawaii’s first and only imaging facility to operate the Philips Vereos, the world’s only fully digital PET/CT scanner.  It is truly, a next-generation technology.  What this means for you is, faster scan times by up to 90%, improved detectability of small lesions, and reduced radiation exposure. 

Meet our Radiologists

Dr. Lynn Madanay​ - A graduate of the John A. Burns School of Medicine and dual-board certified in Nuclear Medicine and Internal Medicine. He has been practicing in the specialty of Nuclear Medicine over 30 years, including interpretation of PET/CT scans over 10 years. He joined InSight Imaging in 2017. He is committed to continuing education and recently attended a PET/CT course at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in 2019. Dr. Madanay was born and raised in Hawaii and attended St. Louis High School.

He is married with three children and enjoys recreational outdoor activities, including running and kayaking. He also loves reading autobiographies and history nonfiction books.